Quick answer: Yes. As of current writing, all requirements to run Windows 11 are met by the Pantera Pico PC.
However, since Windows 11 is still a work in progress at the time of this Kickstarter campaign, changes that Microsoft will make may change the answer to this question.

Yes. We have tested it to run Linux distributions like Ubuntu Desktop, Linux Mint, and Puppy Linux. Other Linux distros like Pop!_OS, Fedora, Kali, Zorin, and many others will work.

Yes. It can run virtual machines. We have already tested it with a Type-2 hypervisor, Virtual Box, and ran Ubuntu Desktop, Linux Mint, and Windows 11 as guest OSes on a Windows 10 host.

The SSD is an M.2 (2242).

No. Aside from having dual WiFi frequencies for you to use, there is an option to purchase a USB adapter/hub that extends the number of USB 3.0 ports with a gigabit-Ethernet port from our store.

Yes, it does. Up to 60fps of 4K Ultra Hi-Definition video playback or streaming.

Yes. It can run on 12V battery power via USB C at the back, and will require around 18watts. We also have 2 sizes powerbanks specific to the Pantera Pico PC, available for purchase.

Yes, although we recommend you check your games’ minimum requirements first to check for compatibility. Playability varies greatly from game to game.

Yes. You can find examples through ETA Prime’s YouTube review of the Pantera Pico PC.
Some of those mentioned were: NVIDIA GEForce Now, Google Stadia, Dreamcast Redream, among others.

Yes. However, we strongly advise that you choose the capacity you want during purchase. If you are not worried about warranty, you can have a professional swap out the SSD for you so you don’t damage components that may be exposed when opening the bottom cover.

Yes. It works with many game controllers that either connects to a device via USB, or via Bluetooth.
It will not, however, be able to accept proprietary-connector game controllers.

Yes. The Pantera Pico PC is a great computer for most 3D printing requirements, even for 3D model design. It has been tested to run the latest version of Blender, while using Cycles engine for rendering on-screen, which is far more processing-intensive than outputting 3D print files. Unless you’re sculpting in super-high polygon count models, the Pantera Pico PC has more than enough power for the job.

Bluetooth 5.1.
The previous Pantera Pico PC model has version 4.2 (LMP8), and is already been upgraded to LMP10, so all backers will receive their units with bluetooth version 5.1.

The reset button in the small hole found in front of the Pantera Pico PC is for forcefully restarting the device.
It is useful in situations where the only solution is to reboot the computer, e.g.: when an application has rendered the computer unresponsive to mouse or keyboard controls.
Do note that unsaved work prior to pressing the reset button may not be recoverable.

For any other questions or specific requests regarding shipping, please email us at info@xdo.ai

Yes. It should transcode video without problems, as the Pantera Pico PC exceeds Plex’s minimum hardware requirements which aren’t too heavy by today’s standards.

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