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After 5 months I only have an empty box after sent to RMA

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Borja Perez Palau
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As title says.


My PicoPC was working but in 5 minutes was near of 100º Celsius and I decided to open support to

That was in August, i received via email a chinese direction to start the RMA with strange steps like "Declare the item as a "Bluetooth Speaker Repair" with a value of $10usd" or "Ship using your local post office's mail delivery system"


Ok i did an asked for the normal ship to that direction that i printed as image with a laser printer to ensure that was the correct one and i explain to the local post officer that this was the important direction, cause they add another label in the box, and all was ok.


But now Im waiting month after month for the support to tell me something and when they reply they tell me that they have not received anything and I am still waiting, in my opinion 5 months are 3 months more than the more strange scenario...


Which options i have to get help on this?

Posted : 20/01/2023 11:28 pm
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Hello!  You've been in contact with us via email. Please look for the package being "returned to sender"


We'll also check our packages after Chinese New Year holiday (Feb 7)



Posted : 25/01/2023 4:50 am
Borja Perez Palau
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@admin still not returned and i have no messages about any package being returned to me. Im sure still ongoing or you received time ago and didnt check well.


Anyways, this is not the correct way to help. More than 5 months is more than strange...

Posted : 31/01/2023 7:27 pm
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