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Really Annoying Pop-Ups

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Just a quick note to XDO website developer.

You just have to fix the amount of really annoying pop-ups (" Pantera Pico PC Newsletter", "Become Part of XDO", etc) that plaque your website.
Those come from all sides and way too frequent, making your site not only hard to navigate and use, but also so dated (early-2000's style) design-wise...
Although I am so glad that you don't use animated GIFFs...  But that's just me being mean...

So, fix it.

Posted : 24/06/2022 4:03 am
, E-J . and reacted
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I would like to also raise this as an issue.   This is a goldfish level of reminding.

Posted : 29/06/2022 7:04 pm
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This is really annoying. Please remove the pop ups from the Forum site.

Posted : 20/07/2022 10:13 pm
Janusz Biela
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Yes, that is really annoying ...some basic code in the web page source would be nice when you click once and do not appear per open session. I do not talk about deleting it entirely. 

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Posted : 22/07/2022 11:11 am
E-J .
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Remove the stupid popups, I already have a Pantera Pico PC and yes I have supscribed.

Posted : 26/08/2022 4:27 pm
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