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Is the Pantera Pico PC Windows 11 ready?

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Yes, it is!

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Posted : 26/07/2021 9:30 am
Charles Pitsch
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I was recently told by it was not ready for Win-11.  As I received my PC the last part of June '2022, and got Win-10 up and running, created Restore USB recovery file, then I received the Wind-11 update, so I did.  During an email exchange on another topic I was informed not to migrate to Win-11.  So I rolled it back to Win-10 before my roll-back window expired.  Now on Win-10 I ran into a hick-up, did a System Restore Point in hopes to reverse the hick-up and now I'm in this Automatic Repair boot loop and can't get back to Win-10.  PC is useless at this point.  Tech support is very slow to respond!  No way to run a kickstarter project, IMO.

Posted : 06/07/2022 2:04 am
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Did you follow the other steps in the post????


You needed to back up your SSD drive. We aren't sure if it is a win11 issue or not. since your was working, you just needed to back up your SSD.

Try some of the key combinations mentioned in this thread:


We will hopefully figure out what the issue is within the next week or so.

Posted : 10/07/2022 7:45 am
E-J .
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Yes it runs Windows 11. I have created a W11 boot USB. Created a local account. Setup asked for key, but I skipped it during installation. After installation, it was activated with a digital signed key

Posted : 27/08/2022 9:50 am
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Check out the latest XDO PDF for more info on the XDO Pantera

Posted : 26/09/2022 8:16 am
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi
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Posted : 01/10/2022 5:43 am
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