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PicoPC Update: OS & Bios Customization, Housing and components

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Hello PicoPC fans! 

The factories are all closed now for 1-2 weeks for Chinese New Year.

Here's a quick update of where the PicoPC production is:

- Metal housing CNC and annodizing & plastic parts tooling modification and injection molding - All manufacatured.

- Custom fan production - complete

- Ribbon cables, connectors, want WiFi antennas production - Complete

- SSD procurement and testing - Complete 

- EVA case production - Complete 

- OS & Bios customization & testing - Complete 

- PCBA - we've confirmed all changes to BIOS and OS before Lunar New Year. Assembly workers went off for the holiday early, so we'll resume PBCA around Feb 12. 

- Packaging - size increased to be able to fit EU style plugs - production resumes after CNY

- Assembly - Assembly will resume around Feb 16 once PCB board and all components deliver to assembly factory.

We're aiming to begin shipping Mid-February.

We've attached images to this thread. You can check out more photos in our drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1v7XAcbGq5mrRfWJIunAfoGZU8pP1vMAg?usp=sharing

We'll post more photos and updates once components are delivered and assembly begins.

Thanks for everyone's continued patience and support. 


OS customization
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Topic starter Posted : 29/01/2022 9:41 am
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@horvathzeros if your license is activated, then Win11 upgrade promt will appear and you should be able to upgrade for free. Our office is using PicoPC and we upgraded it to Win11. Took a few minutes....

Topic starter Posted : 31/01/2022 1:31 pm
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PCBA started today and will continue until around tomorrow. We'll use the rest of this week to test the PCBA boards.

Assembly will start next week and we'll be assembling and testing for 7-10 days.

Shipping should start early to mid March. We should get many of the backers orders shipping by around March 15-20.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2022 1:27 pm
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Here are the images and videos for the PicoPC PCBA / SMT: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Dgh7yvqdYWczLGJANEd_xkm8VIHXRtXv?usp=sharing

We'll be shooting more video of PCBA and testing before begin assembly next week.


Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2022 4:57 pm
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Hello Pantera backers!


We’ve been quite busy with getting everything ready for the long awaiting assembly. We’re literally procuring every component for this project to make sure that the production cost offsets the rising components prices. What’s more, HK, and now Shenzhen, are under a COVID-19 siege. If you haven’t read this news yet, Google “ Hong Kong Zero Covid Policy” and you’ll see hospital beds lined down the street in one of the richest cities in the World.

Luckily, we were able get everything we needed to do finished in Hong Kong before the infections surge hit.  Our assembly factory area in Shenzhen is still operational and there are no new cases in that district so everything should be fine.

We do apologize for not replying to emails sooner and for the long wait for this update. We’re trying to procure, test and prep for assembly while trying to hire staff and move to a larger office.


 Below are some updates for each part of this project:


Task / Completion Date:

- OS & Bios customization & testing - confirmed and updates completed Feb 20, 2022

- PCBA - In-progress. Despite this being our 4th production run, we’re testing the boards again before mass production to make sure all modifications have been implemented properly.

Here are the images and videos for the PicoPC PCBA / SMT from Feb 21: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Dgh7yvqdYWczLGJANEd_xkm8VIHXRtXv?usp=sharing

We'll be shooting more video of PCBA and testing before begin assembly next week.

- Packaging - Black / white / red part printed. Gold stamping beginning Feb 23

- Stickers - stickers will label SSD capacity and plug types. Stickers have been designed and will be printed Feb 23.

- Housing and plastic parts - Housing ports etchings updated - removed some of the uneeded labels for a more elegant feel.  Delivery to factory scheduled for Feb 26.

- Payment for components and parts - All completed with exception to custom fans. We will have this paid Feb 23rd.

- Ribbon cables, connector cables and antennas - paid and delivered. Need to produce 100 units more of each just in case we need them during assembly (they only provided us with 9 additional spares of each). - Will be completed by Feb 28.

- SSD tested and delivered - Delivered Feb 18.

- Assembly - Assembly will resume around Feb 28 once PCB board and all components, housing and PCBA deliver to assembly factory.

- Testing, packing, and shipping will begin early March. We should be able to begin emailing tracking in batches starting March 15.


Image gallery for components, OS, housing:


Project update forum post:



Feel free to join our development and support forums. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at: vicky@xdo.ai 

Thanks again for your continued understanding, patience and support!


PicoPC Team

housing   added housing side vent
housing IO labels2
housing IO labels
pcba 2
pcba 3
pcba 2


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