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Charles Pitsch
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I would like a backup/2nd spare power bank for my Pantera Pico PC? I did not buy a second US-AC adapter/power bank at the time of my original order.  What are my alternatives?  I have numerous cellphone power banks, but there are 5v rated.  I think the PicoPC is 12V, but what about amps or watts required from the USB-C interface/connector?  What type of standard off the shelf power bank can I use?  Thank you in advance... 

Posted : 10/11/2023 4:20 am
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Unfortunately, the USB-C port doesn't seem to be wired normally, or there's something preventing you from using a power source other than the one supplied by XDO. 😥 

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Posted : 14/11/2023 8:05 pm
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