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Pico PC stopped booting

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Rich King
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One of my Pico PCs is refusing to boot.  It just goes straight to the BIOS screen.  It has been running Windows 11.  I can't see an errors.  Where do I start looking?

Posted : 22/01/2024 11:53 pm
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In the BIOS in: Boot -> FIXED BOOT ORDER Priorities there's only "[Hard Disk]" and not [Hard Disk]*name of the SSD", which means the SSD is probably down.

Unfortunately, this happens a little too often with Pantera :






Good luck in getting a quick and correct response from the service department.

Some one even describes how to open the box to change it : https://xdo.ai/forums/troubleshooting/opening-case-to-replace-ssd-m2-40mm/#post-1815

Personally I used this video where it is dismantled and reassembled from A to Z.


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Posted : 29/01/2024 9:59 pm
Rich King reacted
Rich King
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Thanks for the reply.  That was my problem too.  It is disappointing, but at least it's fixable.  The video was a help.

Posted : 08/02/2024 11:33 pm
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