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WiFi Instability

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Charles Pitsch
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My WiFi avatar intermittently drops and I loose my internet connectivity briefly.  This was happening on both Win-10 and Win-11 builds.  I was informed to move back to Win-10 because not enough exposure with this new platform. It was recommended to also swap out my home router. I don't think so...I have many WiFi devices and cellphone in my handicapped assisted house.  Not an option to go through the ip addressing changes. Still had the WiFi instability issues up to the point the PC stopped working once back on Win-10 and failed do to another issue.  

Posted : 06/07/2022 2:58 am
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I'm on Windows 11 on a 8GB/1TB  model.I didn't see the 'don't upgrade post' until it was too late. My Pico is recently having strange wifi drop outs too. We had a blackout that crashed the PC at about the same time it stopped working. It still works sometimes. But I feel also it is intermittent. Otherwise I have been very happy with it over the past 2 months of ownership. I will let you know if doing anything has helped me too. 


Posted : 06/07/2022 7:36 am
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I just hardwired the networking to the end of the usb dongle. I didnt see it had a network port until just now. It keeps me going at least.

Posted : 06/07/2022 7:48 am
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Anybody here experienced connected to WIFI but no internet?  I've been troubleshooting for a week now. Reinstalled OSes (Linux, Win10, Win11) and still no luck. Finally connected a USB WIFI dongle just to see if I would have the same issue, lo and behold it connected to my network instantly. 

This is disappointing. I don't know if it's a hardware or driver issue.  :/

Posted : 01/08/2022 9:45 pm
Tim Schuil
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I have the same issue here. Thanks about the dongle tip, will have to check if I have one lying around.

Posted : 31/08/2022 2:10 pm
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@iaca400 I just had this exact problem start 2 days ago. My Pantera has been flawless until now.

I have found the following out so far:

1. The problem only affects 5GHZ connection, not 2.5GHZ.

2. Changing the WiFi Adapter's properties Channel Width for 5GHz from "auto" to "20Mhz Only" fixes the problem, but the connection is noticeably slower.

3. There are other Intel 9462 adapter users with various PC Brands out there, having this issue.

I believe it is a driver issue that Intel needs to address. Possibly due to a Windows update conflict.


Posted : 21/01/2023 1:06 am
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