Pantera Pico PC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pantera Pico PC FAQs

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Pantera Pico PC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At what voltage should the AC power source be for the power brick?
The power brick can be plugged in anywhere from 110-240v AC

Can it handle Windows 11?
Yes. As of current writing, all requirements to run Windows 11 are met by the Pantera Pico PC.

Can it run Linux?
Yes. We have tested it to run Linux distributions like Ubuntu Desktop, Linux Mint, and Puppy Linux, without problems.

Pantera Pico PC Ubuntu Linux installation

Can it run virtual machines?
Yes. It can run virtual machines. We have already tested it with a Type-2 hypervisor, Virtual Box, and ran Ubuntu Desktop, and Windows 11 as guest OSes on a Windows 10 host.

Can it take a 1TB SSD upgrade?
Yes. You can also purchase the Pantera Pico PC with 1TB SSD already installed.

What type is the SSD?
The SSD is an M.2 (2242).

Does it have an Ethernet jack?
No. Aside from having dual WiFi frequencies for you to use, there is a USB adapter/hub that extends the number of USB 3.0 to 3 more, and a gigabit-Ethernet port from our store.

Does it output 4k?
Yes, it does. Up to 60fps of 4K Ultra Hi-Definition video.

Can it run on battery power?
Yes. It can run on 12V battery power via USB C at the back, and will require around 18watts. We also have 2 sizes p0werbanks specific to the Pantera Pico PC, available for purchase.

Will it run Photoshop?
Yes, we have installed Photoshop on the Pantera Pico PC without any problems.

Does it have an internal microphone?
No. You will have to connect your own microphone either via USB, or through the speaker-mic combo port at the back.

The Pantera uses USB Type-C for power, can I use a regular mobile phone charger to run it?
No. Mobile phone chargers are almost always just 5V. Your Pantera Pico PC requires 12V USB-C to run.

Can it run games?
Yes, although we recommend you check your games’ minimum requirements first to check for compatibility.

Can it run game emulators?
Yes. You can find examples through ETA Prime’s YouTube review of the Pantera Pico PC.

Can the blue LED on top be turned off?
No. As of this time, as it is used as a power indicator, it cannot be turned off.

Does it have a speaker port?
Yes. There’s a 3.5mm speaker-mic port at the back of the unit between the 2 USB ports.

Is the SSD user-replaceable?
Yes. However, it is strongly advised that you choose the capacity you want during purchase. If you are not worried about warranty, you can have a professional swap out the SSD for you so you don’t damage components that may be exposed when opening the bottom cover.

What are the RAM size options?
The RAM size on the Pantera Pico PC is 8GB, except for the entry model which only has 4GB.

Is the RAM user-replaceable?
No. The Pantera Pico PC’s RAM is soldered directly on the board.

Will game controllers work on the Pantera Pico PC?
Yes. It works with many game controllers that either connects to a device via USB, or via Bluetooth.
It will not, however, be able to accept proprietary connector game controllers.


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