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RE: PicoPC start on Bios - No hard drive controller found

Same happened to me, it isn't a problem of SSD controller, the problem is that SSD itself is damaged and most of the time unrecoverable by the system,...

1 year ago
RE: Share your review of the Pantera Pico PC

Same behaviour, SSD nearly DOA after working only two days, and same answer to clone my SSD, how? if OS doesn't recognise it and still no answer about...

1 year ago
RE: Development team - New Product ideas

In view that ARM is developing fast in some platforms and Microsoft now is interested in such architecture for the low consumption and possibilities w...

1 year ago
RE: How to access your Pantera Pico PC’s BIOS/UEFI settings

I have a problem with the SSD that it's not accesible and the computer on start goes straight away to BIOS and makes a loop until selected a valid dev...

1 year ago
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